The Artists

The Artists

Welcome to PhotoFlashbacks, the Rock & Roll photography of the late Doug Hartley.

PhotoFlashbacks presents unique photos of many famous Rock & Roll musicians & groups from the late 1960’s that performed in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We offer these photographs for sale in two sizes for your enjoyment.

These photos are from the private collection of Doug Hartley, a free-lance photographer who was able to attend these concerts and record the photo history of that special time. We have provided some historical information as well as links to other resources on these great performers.

This is a “work in progress” meaning that more artists are being added as we continue to research the history of this collection of photos. Please explore our site and enjoy the memories of this wonderful era of Rock & Roll history!

A New article has been published about the story of PhotoFlashbacks!
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PhotoFlashbacks photos in Jerome, Arizona!

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The Flatiron & the Last chance General Store are the only other locations where you may purchase our photographs.