Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith


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Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 5/23/69

Appeared with Blues Image and Iron Butterfly

ALICE COOPER – Born Vincent Furnier, February 4, 1948, Detroit, Michigan. Group formed in the mid-Sixties in Phoenix, Arizona: Glen Buxton (b. Nov. 10, 1947, Akron, Ohio), guitar; Michael Bruce (b. Mar. 16, 1948), guitar & keyboards; Dennis Dunaway (b. Dec. 9, 1948, Cottage Grove, Oregon), bass; Neal Smith (b. Sep. 23, 1947, Akron, Ohio), drums.

Alice Cooper is an American rock singer, songwriter, and musician whose career spans five decades. With a stage show that features guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors, and baby dolls, he is considered by fans and peers alike to be “The Godfather of Shock Rock”; Cooper has drawn equally from horror movies, vaudeville, and garage rock to pioneer a grandly theatrical and macabre brand of rock designed to shock.

Originating in Detroit in the late 1960s, Alice Cooper was originally a band consisting of Furnier on vocals and harmonica, lead guitarist Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce on rhythm guitar, Dennis Dunaway on bass guitar, and drummer Neal Smith. The original Alice Cooper band broke into the international music mainstream with the 1971 hit “I’m Eighteen” from the album Love It to Death, which was followed by the even bigger single “School’s Out” in 1972. The band reached their commercial peak with the 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies.

Furnier adopted the band’s name as his own name in the 1970s and began a solo career with the 1975 concept album “Welcome to My Nightmare”. In 2011 he released “Welcome 2 My Nightmare”, his 19th album as a solo artist, and his 26th album in total. Expanding from his Detroit rock roots, in his career Cooper has experimented with a number of musical styles, including conceptual rock, art rock, hard rock, heavy metal, New Wave, pop rock, experimental rock and industrial rock.

Alice_Cooper - "Pretties for You"

Alice_Cooper – “Pretties for You”

Iron Butterfly, Blues Image & Alice Cooper Concert ticket Stub

Iron Butterfly, Blues Image & Alice Cooper Concert ticket Stub


ALICE COOPER – Discography

  • 1969 – Pretties for You (Straight)
  • 1970 – Easy Action
  • 1971 – Love It to Death (Warner Bros.); Killer
  • 1972 – School’s Out
  • 1973 – Billion Dollar Babies
  • 1974 – Muscle of Love; Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits [group disbands; Cooper goes solo]
  • 1975 – Welcome to My Nightmare
  • 1976 – Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
  • 1977 – Lace and Whiskey; The Alice Cooper Show
  • 1978 – From the Inside
  • 1980 – Flush the Fashion
  • 1981 – Special Forces
  • 1982 – Zipper Catches Skin
  • 1983 – DaDa
  • 1986 – Constrictor (MCA)
  • 1987 – Raise Your Fist and Yell
  • 1989 – Trash (Epic)
  • 1991 – Hey Stoopid
  • 1994 – The Last Temptaion




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  1. Alice cooper, a great and talented, experience singer and songwriter with a wonderful journey of almost 50 years.

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