Ian Hamilton, Ralph Plummer, J Alan, Michael Georgiades, Greg Hart


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Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 2/17/68

Appeared with The Doors & Sunshine Company

Hamilton Streetcar - "Hamilton Streetcar"

Hamilton Streetcar – “Hamilton Streetcar”

HAMILTON STREETCAR – Ian Hamilton (b. John Burge), keyboards; Michael Georgiades, guitar; Jay Allen, bass; Greg Hart, drums.

This L.A. band is best known for scoring the punk-psych hit ‘Invisible People’ off their 1968 debut single, but also released four more 45s and a self-titled LP. Members included Ian Hamilton (keyboards), Ralph Plummer (lead vocals), Tom Fannon (guitar), Mike Georgiades (guitar), Greg Hart (drums) and J. Alan (bass).

Heavily orchestrated, tracks such as ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice (To Have Wings and Fly)’ and the instrumental ‘Entre Acte’ sounded a bit like Curt Boetcher and Gary Usher’s work with Sagittarius.

‘Brother Speed’ is an original but catchy tune that can be found on their album as well as the A-side of their fourth 45. This song was penned by John Boylan who helped contributed to the Streetcar’s LP and had previously recorded and released it with his band, Appletree Theatre. Also the album included a cover of Tim Buckley’s ‘Pleasant Street’.


  • 1968 – Invisible People’/ ‘Flash (LHI) – single
  • 1968 – Your Own Come Down / Confusion (LHI) – single
  • 1969 – Hamilton Streetcar ‎– Hamilton Streetcar – DOT Records


Hamilton Streetcar – Three Best Songs from Their Dot Album  – 1969



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