1. Navigate to a performer’s photo gallery by going to the performer’s page by using the “Performers & Photos” menu on the left side of every page.
  2. Click on a photo in the gallery. You will then be taken to a “photo details” page to view a larger version of that photo, select the image size & quantity you wish to order.
  3. You may then move through the gallery photos by clicking the > (forward) or < (back) arrows.
  4. On each “photo details” page you may “Add to Cart” your selection and/or return to “View Gallery“.
  5. Shipping costs will be determined when you arrive at our PayPal page. (PayPal is our only form of payment.)



Currently we are offering 4 sizes:

8″ x 10″image on 8″ x 10″ paper= $60.00

8″ x 10″ image on 11″ x 14″ paper = $65.00

11″ x 14″ image on 11″ x 14″ paper= $70.00

11″ x 14″ image on 16″ x 20″ paper = $75.00

on 1 type of media:

Kodak Endura Premier paper is Kodak’s most popular professional paper. It is a traditional E surface (matte) paper, has a luster finish and is excellent for realistic color saturation and color accuracy as well as neutral flesh tones. It has an archival life of 100 years in a typical home display environment and up to 200 years in dark storage.

All photos have been scanned from the original 35mm negatives at high resolution. The digital images are manually “cleaned” to remove any artifacts from the 40 plus year negatives and cropped to size. The images are printed by a professional photography lab, shipped to us (for proofing) and then shipped to you. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail  (Domestic USA only). International orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail International.


If you wish to return your photo(s), you must send us an email  describing your reasons.
After receiving your email we will contact you to determine the next steps to take.