On this page you will find information we have gathered on the concerts where these photographs were shot. The concerts are presented in chronological order. There is missing information so if you have information that will help complete these listings… please share by using the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 1/1/68:

Canned Heat

Sun Devil Gym – 2/5/68:

Jimi Hendrix

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 2/17/68:

Doors, Sunshine Company, Hamilton Streetcar

Celebrity Theatre – 3/17/68


Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 5/24/68

Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly

Phoenix Municipal Stadium – 8/17/68

The Who, Quicksilver Messenger Service

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 8/22/68

Simon & Garfunkel

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 9/4/68

Jimi Hendrix, Soft Machine and Vanilla Fudge

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 10/1/68


Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 10/5/68

Blue Cheer

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 11/7/68

Doors, Albert King, Sweetwater

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 11/29/68

Mothers of Invention, Chambers Brothers

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 12/31/68

Steppenwolf, Blood Sweat & Tears, Three Dog Night, Illinois Speed Press

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 5/23/69

Alice Cooper, Blues Image, Iron Butterfly

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 8/23/69

Blind Faith, Delaney and Bonnie w/Friends

Phoenix Memorial Colliseum – 9/19/69

Poco, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Framework

Seattle Pilots StadiumTempe – 10-3-69

Janis Joplin, James Cotton

Phoenix Memorial Coliseum – 11/11/69

Rolling Stones,  Tina Turner

Arizona State Fairgrounds – 12/6/69

Poco, Lee Michaels & Frosty, Zephyr, The Beans


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  1. I played trombone with Albert King at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Az;early 90’s. On the show were John Mayal,Eddie ‘Clean Head’ Vincent, and Bo Diddly. I have been desperately trying to locate a photographer that took a killer picture of Albert staring at me because I was just smokin’ on a solo in some impossible key! He had just walked clear across the stage to check me out. I believe the photographers name was Ruben Muro?….. not 100% sure,but I believe so. Could you please find it in your hearts to help me locate the photographer/photo? With Albert being gone now that photo would mean so much to me. God Bless Y’all…BTW,my solo career based out of New Orleans has been doing wel. ..Please call me if something transpires.(504)338-4544

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